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Semiconductor companies in the Middle East are striving to become global tech leaders

Starting from 5G to the digital space, Middle Eastern companies are constantly planning to invest heavily in disruptive technologies to transform themselves into regional tech giants. Leveraging its economic capabilities, the UAE is entering into the semiconductor space as the predominant investor. Usually, the semiconductor industry is considered the most capital-intensive domain in the tech ecosystem, however, UAE’s strategic investments are in some of the most innovative and crucial sectors of semiconductor technology. The digital requirements to advance humanity are gradually rising, and almost all countries are bracing themselves for a major tech impact. Quite similarly, semiconductor companies in the Middle East are deciding to pivot into deep tech and position themselves as global tech leaders under the Economic Vision 2030 to accelerate industrial growth, innovation, and security for society. Here, we have enlisted the top semiconductor companies for 2023 that are based in the Middle East and are decoding some of the most crucial industrial needs.


Damultan Semiconductors

Damultan Semiconductors is a certified-authorized franchise distributor and a global leader in the delivery of innovative electronic components and logistic solutions. The company is at the forefront of quality assurance, technology, and supply chain management. Combined with the company’s efficient leadership, Damultan Semiconductors provides world-class services to its customers by improving time-to-scalability and efficiency.


Al Qamar Electronics

The company has been serving the UAE semiconductor industry since 2022. It has successfully established its popularity with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. The team believes in never compromising on the quality and services that they provide to their customers.


Pearl Semiconductor

Pearl Semiconductor aims to be the largest supplier of high-performance reference clocks and Timing ICs serving the most demanding industrial, networking, telecom, and automotive applications. The company’s products specialize in innovative manufacturing. Besides, the company also patented IC design technologies to achieve outstanding performance.


Precision Industries

Precision Industries is based in the UAE and offers complete turnkey project solutions, starting from the initial stage, studying, planning, and curating solutions based on industrial needs and customer specifications. Precision Industries provides complete service to deliver operational power generation systems regardless of the size or the source of the power.


Zero Ohm Electronics

Zero Ohm General Trading LLC is an electronics and electromechanics company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company provides easy access to high-quality electronic components that target universities, schools and laboratories. The company provides a huge range of products, ranging from small resistors and transistors to sensors, microcontrollers, and embedded Linux systems.


General Energy Systems (FZE)

Galaxy Energy caters to clients within the Middle East to offer efficient services to its customers at competitive rates, exceeding client expectations and maximizing satisfaction. The company solely focuses on the finest workmanship and personal services, while delivering projects on time, and within budget.



Tahaluf strives to provide the latest high-tech trends and solutions to enable its customers to stay upto date with the constantly evolving requirements of the market as well as maintaining the flow of their businesses undisrupted, ensuring its efficiency and effectiveness. Tahaluf has reached exceptional heights within a very short period of time, securing a prominent and prestigious position in the tech sector.


Future Way

Future Way Technical Services is a Dubai-based provider of strategic ELV integration and automation solutions designed specifically for small, medium, and large enterprise organizations. The company is focusing on redefining the level of its services to higher standards to provide efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solutions.



Ercon employs over 700 employees with over 35 specialist engineers and technically skilled personnel. The company aims to boost the strength of the logistics, and research and development of the tech industry, excelling in upgrading innovation.


AEG Power Solutions

AEG Power Solutions has over 60 years of experience in providing strong and rugged power systems to the utilities industry. The company aims to deliver industry-leading availability to protect and accelerate its production process to ensure optimal uptime and to deliver maximum returns,

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