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Top 10 Twitter-Favorite Cryptocurrencies Set to Explode 100x in 2023 – Crypto News Flash


Twitter-Favorite Cryptocurrencies are the talk of the town lately. Here are the top 10 to explore

Twitter is the social network that is currently on the highest expansion with more than 1 billion users in 150 countries. And it’s not just a network for fun and pastime. People are using it for how-to and DIYs. Twitter is shifting to sharing valuable content on a number of topics, top cryptocurrencies included. Twitter is becoming a treasure trove of valuable content regarding all things crypto, including tips on the Twitter-Favorite Cryptocurrencies. This article showcases the best cryptocurrencies on Twitter as cryptos that should be followed closely in 2023.


Here are the top 10 Twitter-favorite cryptocurrencies set to explode 100x in 2023:



Solana is the fastest-growing smart contract platform out there today. At its peak in November, its SOL token prices had appreciated by more than 130000% – having been around for slightly over one year. Today, however, its token prices have tanked in reaction to the ongoing crypto market contraction. But the growth of the Solana ecosystem doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. It is one of the top cryptocurrencies to watch in 2023.



XRP has been around for quite a long time and is one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the market. The coin can be used to transfer assets on the Ripple network and it can also be used to buy, sell, and trade on crypto exchanges. The idea behind Ripple’s creation was to transfer money which should help attract more people in a time of increasing globalization. It is one of the top 10 Twitter-favorite cryptocurrencies set to explode 100x in 2023



Ethereum is arguably the best altcoin to buy today, largely because of its massive upside potential. It currently is the largest smart contract platform and is also home to the greatest selection of DeFi, dApps, metaverse, and Web3 projects. These have brought about massive use cases for ETH tokens and even helped push their price to more than 1.6 million percent at its peak in late 2021. Moving forward, we expect even more brands on- and off-chain brands to continue collaborating and building on the Ethereum network.


Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is known as the self-proclaimed ‘Dogecoin Killer’, yet its stagnant price actions are one of the many reasons has driven investors away from it. However, recent years have proved themselves to be quite productive for the SHIB community. The value of SHIB has surged almost 40% since Elon’s Twitter buyout news broke out, hence, it is quite obvious that the year 2023 will invite great prospects for the meme coin. It is one of the top 10 Twitter-favorite cryptocurrencies set to explode 100x in 2023



Dogecoin was launched in the year 2013, and since then, it has been performing exceptionally well, so much so that during the last couple of years it has evolved to become one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the entire cryptocurrency market. Dogecoin is Musk’s favorite cryptocurrency, which is why several investors have been trading in it.



Cardano has witnessed dramatic volatility over the past several months. But the ADA price surged without hindrances in early June. The ADA token rose at a time when almost all other cryptocurrencies were declining due to various macroeconomic issues. It is one of the top 10 Twitter-favorite cryptocurrencies set to explode 100x in 2023



Tamadoge is one of the best cryptocurrencies on Twitter as users are crazy about because it’s at the center of an interesting dog-themed NFT Metaverse called Tamaverse. In this metaverse, users will be able to create, breed, and care for pet dogs called Tamadoge. Once a Tamadoge grows it can battle other players’ pets to gain Dogepoints. At the end of each month, users with the highest number of Dogepoints will claim their winnings from the monthly Dogepool.



Polygon is the layer-2 solution for the Ethereum blockchain that increases transaction speeds while cutting down on gas fees at the same time. This alone made Polygon wildly popular. One of the reasons why Polygon is the best cryptocurrency seen on Twitter is its multi-chain nature. Polygon is not only fit for Ethereum. This is a solution applicable to other blockchains and is expected to extend that way in the next few years. This means there’s a lot of room for MATIC to grow in price. One of the cryptocurrencies set to explode 100x in 2023.



Decentraland (MANA) is a virtual gaming world that was the first to offer virtual land for sale. Some of these plots of land famously were sold for millions of dollars – and crypto enthusiasts still can’t get enough of Decentraland as the pioneer of the gaming metaverse. This is why MANA, the Decentraland’s native coin, is the best cryptocurrency recommended on Twitter. Decentraland is built on the Ethereum blockchain as a virtual gaming world where users can reinvent themselves as custom avatars and live a new life as coveted virtual landowners.


Floki Inu

Floki Inu was one of the hottest meme tokens of 2021. Floki Inu derives its name from Elon Musk‘s dog that belongs to the Shiba Inu breed. It has successfully earned a cult following across different social platforms in a short space of time. The project’s Twitter hashtags often make it to the top trending lists, thanks to the highly active community that is dedicated to driving speculation. It is one of the top 10 Twitter-favorite cryptocurrencies set to explode 100x in 2023

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