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Top 10 conversational AI companies

We have gathered the list of leading conversational AI companies to watch in 2023

To connect with customers, human interaction and hospitality are of the utmost important points considered by many conversational AI companies. Few people would rather resolve a problem with a real person than with a robot caller. In addition, customers rarely enjoy waiting for a representative for an extended period.

Conversational AI can be used in a variety of businesses to cater to the requirements of specific customers to lessen the impact of this issue and boost productivity. Customers can converse with chatbots as if they were talking to a person.

Many companies are developing conversation AI, but some are leading conversational AI companies with the most popular AI designs. Check out the list of the Top 10 conversational AI companies.

  1. Amazon Lex:

The conversational AI program known as Amazon Lex is provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon Lex gives developers the same capabilities as the ever-popular Amazon Alexa with this powerful deep learning tool. To design and create conversational interfaces for a variety of applications, this service makes use of cutting-edge natural language models.

Amazon Lex can do simple automated tasks, understand intent and context, and connect to other AWS services to inquire about data and monitor performance.

  1. Microsoft Azure:

When it comes to technological innovation, Microsoft is not one to shy away from implementing AI. Power Virtual Agents are provided by Microsoft Azure, an AI service, to assist in the creation of conversational bots. Additionally, users of Microsoft Azure do not need to know how to code to build these AI chatbots.

  1. Messenger Platform (Meta):

Meta has developed a conversational bot that will enable businesses to respond to customers on Facebook, a social media platform. Conversational AI is provided by Meta’s Messenger Platform, making Facebook pages’ customer service procedures simpler.

  1. Avaamo:

Avaamo is unquestionably an AI company to watch. Its objective is to be a full-stack conversational platform with domain-specific Machine Learning algorithms and deep NLU. Avaamo also uses voice AI that is extremely realistic to make positive experiences for customers of any brand. Penske recently announced that they used Avaamo AI extensively in their contact centers. Customers’ estimated caller wait times were successfully cut down and workflow was made more efficient with Avaamo.

  1. Dialogflow:

Dialogflow is a company that creates solutions for human-computer interfaces and is owned by Google. Dialogflow describes itself as a “lifelike conversational AI with state-of-the-art virtual agents” when it comes to using chatbots for B2C conversations or automated voice intelligence for customer service. This interface can be used in a lot of different ways, like in interactive voice response systems and web applications.

  1. Houndify:

Conversational AI software that makes use of cutting-edge voice technology was created by Soundhound, a company that specializes in audio and speech recognition. Houndify gives developers all the tools they need to make custom voice interfaces. Houndify is also software that works on a variety of platforms, including Python, Javascript, and iOS.

  1. ai:

Kore.ai is proud to be a pioneer in the field of virtual AI-first assistants. Kore.ai has received numerous industry awards, including a recent designation as a leader in Garter Magic Conversational AI Platforms. Kore.ai uses two NLP engines and Machine Learning capabilities to quickly create virtual assistants without writing a single line of code.

  1. inFeedo:

The intelligent interface of inFeedo’s NLP engine uses an artificial intelligence bot named Amber to establish rapport with employees. Additionally, this software can comprehend the conversation’s intention to provide sympathetic feedback and investigate potential employee issues further. It’s not surprising that this software helps over 500 employees in more than 60 countries with its ability to speak more than 100 languages.

  1. AssemblyAI:

Many Fortune 500 companies, including Spotify, The BBC, and The Wall Street Journal, use AssemblyAI. Advanced models for speech and audio transcription are researched and developed by this AI company. According to reports, they use their Application Programming Interfaces (API) to process millions of audio files each day.

  1. ai:

The proprietary NLP engine at the heart of ellow.ai’s technology recognizes the purpose of an inquiry and provides responses that are “human-like.” These multilingual voice conversational agents can be delivered to consumers and businesses by this engine in ten days without the need for a developer or data scientist. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Yellow.ai made this list given that they have an impact on businesses worth more than $100 million.

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