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Top 10 Crypto Projects and Start-Ups That Began in India – Crypto News Flash

Top 10 Crypto Projects

Don’t miss out on these Crypto Projects having their roots in India.

The world of Cryptocurrency has developed a distinct fan base over the past couple of years, and truthfully, it has been more than successful in luring in potential investors from all over the world. Recently, it has also experienced a surge in its overall growth and popularity, that too at a rate that was never really anticipated, helping it to reach greater heights!  So, here are some Crypto projects that began in India. The article enlists the top 10 Crypto projects and start-ups that began in India.

Additionally, the cryptocurrency industry has been able to establish itself globally and has won the respect and support of many people along the way.


Nischal Shetty reportedly created WazirX, one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in India, in December 2017. WazirX has successfully positioned itself as a market leader among international cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms


A platform called Polygon, formerly known as the Matic network, has been attempting to address some of the most pressing issues with blockchain technology, especially instant block generation and, obviously, scalability.


Signzy is a market-leading virtual banking infrastructure that combines blockchain and artificial intelligence to produce products that are user-friendly, secure, and of course compliant. It was founded in Bangalore in 2015 by Arpit Ratan, Ankit Ratan, and Ankur Pandey. Additionally, the project is very dedicated to giving its customers a satisfying and secure experience.


Additionally, the highest liquidity from the top international cryptocurrency exchanges is recognized to be provided via CoinDCX’s patented aggregation mechanism. Additionally, customers can quickly buy and trade more than a hundred coins using INR. The initiative claims to be an ISO-certified corporation and take BTC, ETH, and USDT.

Easyfi Network:

EasyFi Network, founded by Ankitt Gaur in 2020, is developing an architecture so that programmers can use its network to create their own lending DApps (decentralised apps). Currently, EasyFi Network is providing what are known as overcollaterised loans, which allow you to borrow one cryptocurrency in exchange for pledging another cryptocurrency as collateral.


One of India’s fastest-growing IT firms, Somish was established by Ish Goel in New Delhi back in 2006. The aforementioned platform is stated to have begun investigating blockchain technology in 2016 and has since had the chance to work with Fortune 500 governments, corporations, as well as a number of entrepreneurs all around the world to produce award-winning, successful solutions.


The aforementioned platform, which is based on Ethereum and constructed using the decentralized finance (DeFi) architecture, is known to have been founded by Sowmay Jain in Banglore. Not only that, but the InstaDapp is reportedly the most sophisticated platform in the world to have begun utilizing DeFi to its fullest extent.


Actually established in 2018, Chingari was created by Biswatma Nayak and Sumit Ghosh. With the declaration that they would be transferring their entire platform onto the Solana blockchain network in 2021, they started the shift from web2 to web3, and since then, they have developed their own cryptocurrency, the GARI token.


CoinSwitch, which was established in 2018 by Ashish Singhal, Govind Soni, and Vimal Sagar, carried on developing and expanding its cryptocurrency trading platform, but on a more diluted worldwide scale. When the Supreme Court reversed the ban in 2020, however, Coinswitch was finally able to expressly serve the demands of Indian cryptocurrency traders, and they are now one of the leading crypto exchanges in the nation.


KoineEarth, a platform founded by Praphul Chandra, is able to offer solution frameworks that are easily customizable in order to provide a sizable variety of real-world blockchain use cases. This is done with the aid of its Nash platform. Not only that, the platform is intended to build markets networks and economies with reliable information and rewards. Additionally, KoineEarth is a blockchain that is compatible with ERP and an AI-based solution that aids in facilitating enterprise collaboration.

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