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Ukraine Ministry Launches Digital Assets Course – Crypto News

According to deputy minister Bornyakov, over 20,000 Ukraine nationals have registered for the course.

Ukraine has launched a free course to educate its citizens on the rudiments of cryptocurrencies as the industry witnesses a rapid adoption rate in the country.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine developed the course with the team behind Ukraine’s Virtual Assets 2030 (VA2030) program.

Alex Bornyakov, the Deputy Minister of the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation for IT Development, unveiled the program by sharing a Google Forms link for individuals who wish to register.


According to Bornyakov, over 20,000 Ukrainians have already registered for the course. Moreover, he expressed gratitude to several crypto entities for supporting the program. These include the Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web, the crypto exchange Whitebit, the social metaverse project Atlantis World, and the Optimism Foundation.

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Data on the official registration form reveals that the course is a joint effort from the Ministry and Ukraine’s Virtual Assets 2030 program. The course, reserved for Ukrainians aged 18 years and above, will cover the basics of cryptocurrencies through a 100-hour practical and theoretical lesson. The training is expected to start this month.

Ukraine’s Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrency

Over the years, cryptocurrency adoption in Ukraine has seen an uptick, underscoring the need for proper enlightenment on this nascent industry. This is one of the triggers of the crypto course. Triple-A report revealed that roughly 6.5 million Ukrainians – representing 15.72% of the country’s population – have cryptocurrency investments. In addition, the country climbed to the third position on Chainalysis’ Global Crypto Index for 2022. Triple A notes that over $100M had been received by the country in crypto donations by August 2022.

On Aug 13, 2022, Deputy Minister Bornyakov called for the development of a CBDC, disclosing that he supports the project. Ukraine’s Digital Transformation Ministry also developed the Virtual Assets 2030 program, which sets several goals for the country’s local crypto industry by 2030, including increasing crypto trade volume and developing an attractive jurisdiction for crypto companies.

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