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Top 10 Countries Paying 6-Figure Salary to Ethical Hackers in 2023 – Crypto News Flash


Ethical hackers use their skills and expertise only for good and to earn a good amount of money

Ethical hacking is a process of detecting vulnerabilities in an application, system, or organization’s infrastructure. Hackers have earned a reputation as evil guys who utilize dubious methods to cause harm. Not all hackers, though; some of them exclusively utilize their knowledge and abilities for good and are called ethical hackers.

The ethical hacker must abide by both local laws and any guidelines that the owners of the system or network deem appropriate. The primary goal of white hackers is to evaluate a company’s or organization’s security posture. An ethical hacker is more frequently referred to as a Cyber Security Specialist in the formal security sector. With the increase in demand for ethical hackers in 2023, there are some highest-paying countries for ethical hackers that offer a six-figure salary with verified certification. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the top countries for ethical hackers with the best pay in 2023.



The need for ethical hackers is increasing everywhere. An ethical hacker serves an organization in a variety of capacities in addition to his primary one as an ethical hacker. Depending on their skills, ethical hackers in the USA can expect to earn a high wage. Military organizations like the Army and Air Force, as well as select private-sector businesses like Hamilton, Allen, and Lockheed Martin Corp, all want expert ethical hackers and pay well for them.



Similar to the US, Canada also has a significant demand for cybersecurity specialists and ethical hackers. However, wages are a little lower than in the US. Employers for ethical hackers in Canada include banks, telecom corporations, and other private sector businesses.



India, which is enormous and highly populated and where there are many large corporations with a lot of sensitive data, also has a significant demand for ethical hackers. Additionally, because of the large number of cyber threats, there is a high demand for cybersecurity specialists in locations like Bengaluru, which is known as India’s IT hub. Many large businesses in India use ethical hackers in significant numbers, including Infosys Limited, Tata Consultancy Services Limited, Paladion Networks, and numerous others.



Organizations in Australia also struggle with cybersecurity, which is a global problem. There was a time when Australia had a low proportion of cyberattacks, but as time goes on, Australia also requires cybersecurity specialists and ethical hackers to protect, and there is currently a shortage of them because demand is so high.



Like in other parts of the world, the demand for ethical hackers and cybersecurity specialists is growing in Singapore. We all understand why this is happening since there are more cyberattacks every day. They are also being paid highly since demand is growing. Many large businesses in Singapore, like Lazada Group, employ ethical hackers of all levels of experience.



When it comes to the UAE region, there is not a lot of demand for cybersecurity specialists and ethical hackers, but there are still large firms that employ them for the protection of their systems and data. We are aware of the size of the UAE market and a large number of businesses including Paladion Network that are willing to engage ethical hackers to safeguard their operations.


7.Hong Kong

Thinking creatively and adopting a fresh viewpoint on usually disregarded technology and systems are key components of both hacking and defense. In Hong Kong, the industry benefits from hiring people of all genders and ethnicities as well as from people with a variety of professional experiences.


8.New Zealand

In New Zealand, ethical hackers can anticipate a wage boost of about 11% per 18 months. Employees receive an average annual raise of 8% across all occupations in the country every 16 months. Businesses in booming industries typically offer larger and more regular raises. There are exceptions, but in general, the state of any company is closely correlated with the state of the economy in the nation or region. These numbers constantly fluctuate.



In Switzerland, ethical hackers can expect to see their pay rise by about 12% every 17 months. Employees receive a 9% annual raise, which is the national average for all professions combined, every 15 months.



In Austria, ethical hackers can anticipate a pay raise of about 8% every 30 months. Employees receive a 5% yearly raise, which is the national average for all professions combined, every 28 months. Bonuses, salaries, and pay increases are typically bigger and more frequent for revenue producers. The explanation is very straightforward: when you contribute to revenue generation, it is simpler to calculate your financial value to the organization.

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