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FOX Business Senior Correspondent Trades Words With Prominent XRP Community Member – Crypto News

The dispute started over reports made by Gasparino about the SEC case against Ripple in September 2021.

FOX Business Senior Correspondent Charles Gasparino yesterday exchanged words with a prominent member of the XRP community and self-described investigator known only as Mr. Huber.

It comes after the XRP community member poked holes at Gasparino’s journalistic process, citing a report from the FOX journalist from September 2021. Notably, in a Twitter thread, Gasparino disclosed that sources within the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said that the agency treated Ethereum differently compared to XRP due to the varying level of blockchain development. According to Gasparino, the sources claimed that compared to Ethereum, the XRP Ledger was still in development, with token sales used to finance it.

It is worth noting that Gasparino, on several occasions, has pointed out that these are not his personal views but what sources within the agency told him.

Mr. Huber, in a tweet yesterday citing GitHub activity from the XRPL Foundation and Ethereum, not only tried to poke holes at the SEC’s claims but also took a swipe at the FOX journalist for not fact-checking the claims. The XRP community member asserted that there was little to no core development activity on the XRP Ledger from 2014. Meanwhile, Ethereum’s started in 2018, seeing spikes well into 2020.

For additional context, Ethereum performed a pre-mine sale in 2014 before the network launched. On the other hand, Ripple’s XRP sales occurred after they had launched the network.

In response to Mr. Huber yesterday,  Gasparino, for the second time in less than two months, likened the XRP community member to a mommy’s boy referencing the Will Ferrell cameo in “Wedding Crashers,” a 2006 movie. Notably, the self-described investigator, in turn, faulted the journalist’s German translation of meatloaf in another subliminal jab at his research skills.

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As highlighted, it is not the first time both parties have locked horns. Gasparino has previously thrown a similar slur at Mr. Huber after the latter challenged his claim that there was no criminal conduct on behalf of William Hinman, who gave Ethereum the free pass in his controversial speech in 2018.

Notably, the SEC official at the time was a partner at a law firm member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA).

In recent times, Gasparino has remained an active commentator in the SEC case against Ripple, often finding himself in the cross-hairs of XRP community members. It did not help that the reporter described community members as “conspiracy theorists and children” last month.

At the time of writing, the case over whether XRP constitutes unregistered security is on its last legs after over two years and awaiting a court decision.

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