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Top 10 Portals to Land a Six-Figure Data Science Job in 2023 – Crypto News Flash


Data science jobs are growing fast and here are the top 10 portals to get data science job in 2023

For competent individuals, data science is one of the most promising and in-demand career paths. Today’s successful data professionals are aware that they need to have skills that go beyond big data analysis, data mining, and programming. Data science jobs are high in demand as every industry wants benefits of every demographic realistic graph with stats in numbers, Data scientist induce their skills and solve the pattern to reach the company’s goal. Here are the top 10 portals to land a six-figure data science job in 2023.


1.Y Combinator (YC)

Y Combinator is one of the largest seed accelerators in the world and has funded some very established tech companies like Stripe, Airbnb, and DoorDash. They also have a job board that connects you with over 400 startups funded by YC.



AngelList is one of the largest platforms for startups that facilitates investments and recruitment. Like LinkedIn, you’ll create your own profile, fill in your information, and have access to a number of startup jobs.



Underdog is unique in the sense that features exclusively startup jobs in a select few cities, New York, San Francisco, and LA. That being said, they focus on maintaining a high level of quality when it comes to job postings, and they have tons of top tech startups featured, like Instacart, Lever, and Airtable.



StackOverflow is one of the biggest Q&A websites for programming and engineering. It also so happens that they have a job board! This is a great place to check not just for data scientists, but also for software engineers and developers.



Leetcode, similar to HackeRank and InterviewBit, is a website where you can practice your coding skills by completing coding challenges. This is a great place to brush up on sorting algorithms and SQL. They’ve also included a new feature where you can practice mock interviews! Overall, I highly recommend you use this to help you prepare for your technical interviews.


6.Interview Query

I thought that I’d share this website because it’s a pretty new and unique resource. Think of it like Leetcode, but dedicated to data scientists. It has a huge repository of technical questions that you can use to help prepare for your data science job. If you sign up, they’ll send you one data science question every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If that’s not enough you can also pay for a premium account.



Jumpstart is a really neat resource that I only came across recently through a friend. Think of it like Reddit, but for tech jobs. While primarily used as a forum, they also have their own job board and a calendar full of various tech events that you can sign up for!



Yes, I know Glassdoor is a job board. But personally, I never really used it for that purpose. Instead, I like to use it for its unique features like the ability to see company reviews and interview questions for a plethora of companies. If you’re applying for companies that you’ve never heard of, take advantage of this and know what you’re getting yourself into. And if you want to get a better idea of a company’s interview process, this is a great resource too.


9.Rooftop Slushie

Rooftop Slushie is similar to Glassdoor in the sense that they maintain a sense of anonymity but its uses are quite different. This is a great resource where you can ask questions to professionals without having to worry about exposing yourself. At the same time, professionals are able to provide honest answers since their identities are anonymous as well. You can also use this to get employee referrals, resume reviews, job interview advice, and more.



Similar to Rooftop Slushie, Blind is an anonymous network of professionals where you can ask questions, receive advice, and learn about jobs, companies, and industries.

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