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The article enlists the top 10 recession-proof blockchain jobs to try for in 2023

Blockchain is basically a distributed ledger that maintains transactions in blocks that are linked to one another. Blockchain system offers their users the top level of security, complete transparency, and immutability. Blockchain was once thought of as a mere foundation for the decentralized currency network in the early phases of the evolution of cryptocurrencies. Presently, blockchain is transforming several traditional industries, including hospitality, retail, healthcare, finance, banking, and several others. And with that expansion, opportunities and the number of top blockchain jobs are also growing. Presently, people see recession-proof blockchain jobs as a powerful way to multiply income. Let us discover the top 10 recession-proof blockchain jobs which will boost your career graph here in this post. 


Blockchain Architects:

Blockchain Architects are among the top blockchain jobs for 2023. They are specialists in identifying, creating, and integrating the many components of a blockchain ecosystem. Within the company, a blockchain architect is responsible for multiple tasks. They must interact with staff members from other departments, like UX designers, IT specialists, and system administrators, in order to collaborate with them on various project components. Blockchain architect jobs are a popular career choice, with an average compensation amounting to US$114,803 per year.


Blockchain Project Manager:

A business entity’s connection to blockchain experts is made available by a blockchain project manager. The management should make it obvious to the blockchain job holders what the company’s expectations are from a project and make sure that those experts are heard throughout the organization. Before explaining the technical demands made by the blockchain team to the firm stakeholders, they should make them simpler to ensure a better understanding. One needs to be proficient in both project management techniques and blockchain concepts to excel in the sector. They must have good communication skills, as they function as a link between two parties. Blockchain Project Managers get an average annual income of US$106,175. 


UX Developer:

UX Developers hold the responsibility to create a reliable interface for blockchain enthusiasts. They are responsible for creating an engaging, creative, and user-friendly solution. UX designers must be highly proficient technically and have a good understanding of blockchain technology. In general, a blockchain UX developer makes an average pay of roughly US$107,500 per year. 


Blockchain Quality Engineer:

Quality Engineers are required to perform a variety of tasks, such as manual testing, dashboards, automation, etc. To prevent errors and defects, they ought to test each project that has been created. The expert should advise the relevant department of the errors detected in a report that is written. Blockchain quality engineers need to be well-versed in the technology’s operation. They ought to be quick thinkers, analytical thinkers, skilled communicators, and problem solvers. In general, a blockchain UX developer makes an average pay of roughly US$108K to US$117K annually.


Legal Consultant:

It is now pivotal for businesses to comprehend Blockchain’s legal features as it continues to transform in the industrial sphere. Blockchain legal advisors provide guidance to organizations involved in cryptocurrency projects, product launches, etc. By helping customers comprehend the terms and conditions, they also guide them in managing legal contracts. Consultants make sure that their clients are adhering to the laws and regulations of their home nations. The salary range for the position is between US$100k and US$190k annually.


Blockchain Developer:

A blockchain Developer is responsible to create apps using blockchain technology. A blockchain developer is who designs the infrastructure, establish security standards, write software, etc. Developers must have knowledge of blockchain channel’s architecture, operation, cryptography, web development, etc. The organizational hierarchy gives blockchain developers a high position, and they are paid very well for their level of competence.


Software Engineer

Software engineers are experts in programming and have a background in software designing, computer science, and related technical fields. Blockchain software engineers have job in complicated areas like smart contracts and banking. They should possess knowledge of Solidity language, cloud computing, database management, etc. An understanding of metaverse technology will help blockchain software engineers design solutions focused on Web3 development and evolution. It is considered as the one of the top recession-proof blockchain jobs.


Crypto Community Manager

These professionals play crucial role in marketing and client connections. They work as network coordinators who manage and control engagement stats over the Internet or social media platforms. The job of a crypto community manager is to be well-versed with the project details so that they can handle the queries of clients easily. Freshers with a blockchain degree can apply for this job.


Blockchain Engineer:

A blockchain engineer’s main responsibility is to create apps that is able to meet a company’s technological needs. A blockchain engineer must have deep understanding of the blockchain economy and strong programming skills. This covers knowledge of components like supply and demand, incentives, etc. A payment of US$70,859 might be expected from the blockchain professionals each year.


Blockchain Analyst

Blockchain Analyst has two variants- risk analyst and business analyst. A risk analyst identifies the existing risk elements pertaining to the blockchain application whereas, business analysts develop business strategies focused on blockchain expansion. A blockchain analyst should be aware of everything about blockchain technology. The average pay of a blockchain analyst is US$93,291 per year.

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