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Shiba Inu Lead Developer Says He Has No Exact Date For Shibarium Launch – Crypto News

Kusama’s comments come amid rumors that the launch date could be Valentine’s day.

Shytoshi Kusama, Shiba Inu lead developer, has revealed that he cannot give a fixed date for the launch of Shibarium, the much-anticipated layer-2 network. Kusama’s remarks responded to rapidly growing inquiries on the L2 network’s launch date.

“Even I am tired of keeping quiet, so let’s soon discuss,” Kusama remarked, responding to a community member who asked if Shibarium is coming soon in the Shiba Inu Telegram group. Another user expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of a fixed date for the network’s launch.

In a reply, Kusama noted that he could not give a fixed date because the network launch is not an on/off switch.

“You want an exact date, No… I don’t have one…”

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According to Lucie, a well know SHIB community member, considering Shibarium’s numerous potential benefits, which include a built-in burning mechanism, the development of the layer-2 solution can be pretty daunting, and rushing it could only lead to “temporary success.” She lauded Kusama and the development team for “prioritizing safety over temporary success to make others happy.”

Valentine’s Day Speculations

Kusama’s recent remarks come amid rumors that the launch date might be Valentine’s day, February 14. Analyst Garid noted that the comments mean the February 14 launch is highly unlikely.

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On February 10, Shib Dream, a community-driven Twitter handle dedicated to updates on Shiba Inu, revealed that rumors suggest the Shibarium Beta launch or documentation could happen on February 10 or 14.


According to Shib Dream, these speculations were triggered by inadvertent hints from Kusama. Notably, Kusama suggested that he was learning to play the flute in a text on his Twitter bio. Shortly after, he added a text that showed Shibarium in a heart-shaped box. These texts were added to the developer’s bio late last month, and although they have been removed as of press time, several proponents have interpreted them as hints to the Shibarium launch date.

Amid these speculations and anticipation, Unification Foundation – the blockchain project behind the development of Shibarium – disclosed in a blog post on February 3 that the delay in the network’s launch is due to work being put into developing its Oracle of Oracles (OoO) solution which it plans to deploy for Shibarium.

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