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Over 81T BabyDoge Burned As Burn Portal To Go Live Today – Crypto News

Total cumulative burns currently sit at 202.7 quadrillion tokens, worth a whopping $804 million.

The BabyDoge Coin (BABYDOGE) burn initiative continues to see a rapid surge in momentum, as the community incinerated over eighty-one trillion tokens in 24 hours. The development comes on the heels of a recent announcement that the Babydoge burn portal will go live today.

The project’s official Twitter account highlighted the latest burns in a recent tweet, revealing that 81.09 trillion BABYDOGE, valued at $321,865, has been burned in the past 24 hours, bringing total cumulative burns to 202.73 quadrillion tokens, worth $804.6 million.


CryptEye data corroborate these claims, revealing that 291.5T Baby doge tokens have been burned in the past week, with 1.5 quadrillions incinerated in the last month. So far, the project has burned 48.27% of the asset’s supply of 420 quadrillion tokens. Following the latest burns, BABYDOGE is now ranked fourth on the list of top assets by daily burn.

BABYDOGE Burn Portal To Go Live Today

These burns have come when the much-anticipated burn portal has been scheduled to launch today. The team announced the exciting development earlier today, calling on the community to look out for the imminent launch. They also provided insight into the incentives the burn portal will introduce for community members.

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According to the team, the higher burns a user engages in, the lower that user’s transaction fees on BABYDOGE purchases. Those who have not carried out any burns will get the standard rate of 10% fees. Those that have burned up to 5B tokens will only attract 9% fees, and those with up to 50B burned will get 8% purchase fees. The rate keeps lowering until the minimum of 0.5% purchase fees for those who have burned up to 25 trillion tokens.

These incentives will likely expedite the burn initiative, giving community members more reason to incinerate their tokens. Even in the absence of the burn portal, community members had championed the burning campaign, as evidenced in the latest 81T burns and the previously-mentioned 41T token burns.

Meanwhile, amid these promising developments, BABYDOGE is up 7.62% in the past 24 hours, when most mainstream assets are facing a roadblock. The asset is currently trading for $0.000000004095, up 36.77% in the past week. A subsequent rise to its market cap recently skyrocketed it to the 69th position on the CoinGecko top crypto list. The asset had jumped from the 79th position observed yesterday.


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