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Today, the whole world is abuzz about metaverse as it promises to change how we work, play and interact on the internet. Metaverse has evolved from early roots in social media, massive multiplayer games to more immersive commerce, in no time. Considering the immense potential of Metaverse and its diverse applications, predicting the metaverse’s evolution in business comes as no big a surprise. On that note, let us have a look at the top 10 metaverse predictions to lookout for in 2023. Read on!


Multiple metaverses

Metaverse is built on a single integrated ecosystem,  quite similar to that of the internet. In the near future, it is highly likely that independent metaverse platforms with separate economies and the ability to move assets and objects between worlds would come into the picture.


New security and privacy issues will emerge

Problems about security and privacy have always been a concern. It is predicted that the metaverse will offer new challenges for cybersecurity, privacy rights, regulatory compliance, brand reputation and anti-fraud efforts. Can it get any better? 


Metaverse will grow enormously

Metaverse market has been growing and there’s no limit to it. On the same lines, Management consultancy McKinsey and Company predicted that the metaverse economy stands the potential to aggregate so much so that it could generate up to $5 trillion in impact by 2030. Today, metaverse is seen to be highly prominent in e-commerce. Now, it is all set to impact virtual learning, advertising and gaming.


Metaverse will transform all business processes

This is the era of digital transformation and metaverse has aided to the same in the best possible manner. It is so much possible that metaverse technologies will help businesses capture virtual representations of physical channels, products and operations to improve physical processes. With this, the metaverse is all set to impact every aspect of every business, including how work is performed, what products are offered, how products are distributed and how businesses operate.


Improved functionality of digital twins

With metaverse in place, one can expect recreating their entire organizations, infrastructure and people using digital twins in the metaverse. The functionality of digital twins today can go a long way right from identifying holes in backup and recovery processes, to managers exploring new layouts, tools and processes to increase productivity and well-being.


Metaverse will consolidate technologies

All this while, vendors offered managed services and VMs before the cloud consolidated disparate approaches into new enterprise architectures. Now, with metaverse, it is quite possible that enterprises will be bombarded with options to explore metaverse studios, devise strategies and experiment in the same way the cloud influences activities today.


Accelerated robotics innovations

Metaverse has led to a series of varied inventions. Today, the world of metaverse is no longer limited to just people. Robotics, too, is set to get benefitted. Metaverse will help engineers train smarter robots, thereby resulting in getting business objectives achieved effectively as well as efficiently.


Enterprises will bake reality into the metaverse

Yet another Metaverse prediction that cannot go unnoticed is the manner in which enterprises will bake reality into the metaverse space. This will have a profound impact on the way products are developed, engineers collaborate and businesses operate.


Transforms and automation of customer service and sales roles

One of the biggest impact Metaverse would have is resulting in a vastly improved customer support experience by enabling digital twin support agents to virtually sit alongside the consumer and help them troubleshoot a problem. No wonder why this makes it to the list of top 10 metaverse predictions to lookout for in 2023.


The metaverse will expand beyond virtual showrooms

In the coming days, it is highly likely that the business side of the metaverse will use improvements in 3D modeling software, lidar capabilities, and scalable multiuser environments to develop new approaches to solving problems thereby not restricting metaverse to merely virtual showrooms.

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