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VeChain Clinches New Milestone Surpasses 2M Known Addresses – Crypto News

It follows the enterprise blockchain’s publicity efforts in Europe.

Leading enterprise blockchain VeChainThor has surpassed 2 million known addresses.

VeChain community admin @VetMaik was the first to share the information, citing data from VeChain Stats. The data indicates that there are precisely 2,000,433 known addresses at press time. It comes nearly after five years since the network launched.

Source: VeChain Stats

Additional data from VeChain Stats show that the network has added 4,174 new addresses in the past week alone, with 480 coming in the last 24 hours. 

Sarah Nabaa, general manager for the VeChain Foundation in South East Asia, joined in celebrating the achievement, noting that the network has had zero downtime since starting up in 2018.

In addition, the official Twitter account for the foundation hailed it as just the beginning, pledging to onboard the global economy.

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“Great stuff, and just the beginning,” the Vechain Foundation wrote. “VeChain will be known the world over in the coming years. Looking forward to onboarding the global economy, brick by brick.”


It all comes as the foundation continues to pursue expansion efforts in Europe, with a recent focus on publicity via its partnership with the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). As reported by The Crypto Basic last December, the network has extended the collaboration till 2025 in hopes of attracting top firms who plan to leverage blockchain technology in achieving sustainability goals. Notably, ATP events attract up to 1 billion views yearly.

Meanwhile, VeChainThor recently completed an upgrade to Proof of Authority 2.0. As reported, developers claim it combines Nakamoto and Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) with no known weaknesses of the blockchain archetypes. 

At press time, the VeChain token (VET) is trading for $0.02361, down 0.94% in the last 24 hours.

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