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Websites offering free Databases for Engineering Students that every student should know.

In the present era, engineering is a professional field that offers a wide range of work prospects in the field of science and technology. Some websites offering free Databases are allowing students to learn easily online rather than visiting libraries.

It’s a blessing that we live in a time of technological advancement and digitization. All previous generations of students had to spend countless hours reading in libraries to find the information they required before the computer was created and made widely available. Today’s students only need to type in a few keywords in order to locate the information they require; students must access specialized educational Databases. 

As a result, many people wind up questioning what Databases they ought to explore to locate reliable sources for their essays and research. To make this easier –

The top 10 Websites Offering Free Databases for Engineering Students are listed below 


Databases for Biochemical and Chemical Engineering –

1.Embase.com – Embase is a special Database of medical literature whose comprehensiveness extends beyond content. You may find all pertinent and up-to-date results using indexing of full-text information and targeted search phrase which is included in this Database that might not be found in other Databases. 

2.elsevier.com/solutions/reaxys – Reaxys, which was created by chemists, is more than just a quick and adaptable chemistry Database. It is a cheminformatics solution that provides chemistry information in the format that scientists require. It is the most potent search tool available in a chemistry Database.


Databases for Biomedical Engineering – 

3.com –The National Library of Medicine’s (NLM) MEDLINE Database, which has a focus on biomedicine and more than 29 million references to journal articles in the life sciences, is the top bibliographic resource. The data in MEDLINE are indexed with NLM Medical Subject Headings, which is a distinguishing feature (MeSH).4.

4.tv –Early access to the brand-new Real-time Functional Anatomy is now available! This Database is providing over 400,000 anatomical images and relevant clinical and research information for Bio-medical engineering. 


Database for Electrical Engineering – 

5.ieee.org – This Database contains more than 100 IEEE and IEE papers with full texts on electronic and electrical engineering which are very useful for students.


 Database for Mechanical Engineering – 

6.org – It is a technical literature repository for the oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) sector that is accessible online. OnePetro.org is the definitive source on upstream oil and gas, with contributions from 20 publishing partners and access to over 200,000 items.


Databases for Civil and Geomatic Engineering – 

7.Concrete Society.com – It is a reference Database, using the Construction Information Service, you can obtain an index of publications about concrete and its usage in construction. This Database consists of books, journal articles, conference papers, technical reports, standards, and books. 

8.com – GEOBASE is a Database for geoscience literature research that offers bibliographic details and abstracts for the Earth sciences, ecology, geomechanics, and physical and human geography. 


Common Databases for Engineering students – 

9.Engineering village.com –This is a comprehensive Database with 12 engineering literature and patent Databases which are accessible through Engineering Village, including coverage from a variety of reliable engineering sources. The Databases have been chosen with care to offer both depth and breadth of content. Access to the most reliable engineering research available today, along with improved user features that offer deep insight into published engineering work and allied fields, gives academics, governmental organizations, business researchers, and practicing engineers an immediate advantage.

10.Web of Science.com – An online index called Web of Science includes journal articles from the physical and life sciences, medical sciences, social sciences, and humanities. The Web of Science Database is an excellent resource for study on public health issues or other subjects that may be of interest to researchers from different fields.

Conclusion – These are some of the websites offering free Databases, these are available on the internet with very useful information and data that an Engineering student can make use of.

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