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In this current economic turmoil, these are the top 10 recession-proof IT jobs

Recessions are marked drops in economic activity that can endure for several months or even years. When a country’s economy faces negative gross domestic product (GDP), growing unemployment, declining retail sales, and contracting income and manufacturing metrics over an extended period of time, experts proclaim a recession. Recessions are seen as an inevitable component of the economic cycle or the predictable rhythm of expansion and recession in a country’s economy. Here are the top 10 recession-proof IT jobs in India to survive economic turmoil.


Administrator of Cloud

Making sure the cloud of their company is operational and up and running efficiently is of the highest significance to cloud administrators. Cloud administrators have a lot of responsibility and unpredictable days since they have so much infrastructure to manage. This is not a stance that can be set and forgotten. They must manage cloud services, subscriptions, resources, and storage, in addition to providing technical support as needed.


Information Security

 There weren’t enough security specialists to keep firms secure before the epidemic and recession. Information security cannot be overlooked as budgets become more constrained. Sensitive data and information are easily stolen in the absence of qualified security specialists. Because of the recession, cybercriminals and hackers won’t put their computers away. Cyberattacks will keep getting worse and more frequent.


Data Analyst

It is anticipated that during a recession, spending on storage, infrastructure, and cloud services won’t suffer significantly. And that brings with it a flood of fresh data. IDC’s Customer Insights & Analysis division program vice president Stephen Minton asserts that “the amount of data that enterprises must retain and manage is not going anywhere.” As firms primarily rely on trend analysis and predictive thinking to guide their activities, this data will be crucial.



Whether you’re skilled in HTML, JavaScript, or Python, knowing a computer language makes you more marketable right away. To design and construct cutting-edge websites and optimize for user experience, web developers need coding abilities. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, software developer positions are expected to rise by 21% by 2028, far faster than the typical occupation. This growth will probably slow down during a recession, but it won’t stop. Both now and in the upcoming months and years, there will be a demand for programmers and developers. Additionally, if you are proficient in a programming language, companies may find you much more appealing.


Cloud Architect

This year, the cloud is most likely to experience IT growth. Since businesses have already made significant investments in cloud services and platforms, a large portion of IT work is now completed on the cloud. Even during a recession, many people will be wanting to expand such investments and pay for current deployments. Cloud architects are more concerned with the broad picture than cloud administrators are with the details. They need to plan for cloud adoption, create architecture, and make sure staff members adhere to best practices.


Risk Manager

Organizations must make wise investments, particularly during a recession. An IT risk manager assesses technological strategy and investments. They foresee potential problems and develop strategies to reduce corporate risk. Some also control the risk of non-compliance, making sure businesses follow the law and adhere to industry standards.


Desk Support

The use of technology does not stop during a recession. Professionals who work at help desks and tech assistance will thus always be in demand. Although IT personnel may be tech experts, the rest of the firm may not benefit from their knowledge. Everyone at work knows someone who constantly needs assistance entering onto Zoom or changing their passwords. Internal help desk specialists can aid with that. The demand for tech support specialists arises when anything fails. They install and configure gear and software as well as diagnose and repair network faults.


Administrator of Database

 It’s important to handle the growing volume of data stored in the cloud. That is what database administrators do. Database administrators arrange the data and ensure its security while data analysts analyze the data. They must also make sure the data is backed up in case a recovery is necessary. Database administrators can do their duties more effectively and with less effort, if they have particular abilities. For instance, mastering SQL will make it easier to create and maintain bigger databases. Employers will be looking for this kind of skill set in a database administrator.


Devops Engineer

According to Glassdoor, a DevOps engineer is the sixth greatest job in America. The position calls for the administration of IT infrastructure and control of software code releases. DevOps has been embraced by a growing number of enterprises to enhance communication between IT operations and software development. A survey by Puppet and DevOps Research and Assessment of over 25,000 IT experts found that high-performing companies that adhere to the DevOps concept deploy 200 times more frequently and with 2,555 times shorter lead times.


Project Manager

In the next months, costs will be a top priority. Based on changing corporate goals, more projects could be lowered in priority. The ongoing initiatives must thus be managed effectively and wisely. Project managers must maintain an open line of communication with decision-makers and ensure that goals are reasonable and realistic because resources and funding may be restricted. Overpromising and underdelivering are not appropriate at this time.

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