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Data science has smitten everyone with its capabilities. So much so that today, it is practically not possible to think of leading our lives without data science in place. Today, every sector that one can possibly think of relies on data. No wonder why data science is one of the fastest-growing technologies. With an increase in data dependence, quite evidently, the demand for data scientists soars up. Here, we will talk about top 10 data science inventions that left people in awe in 2022.


Heart Disease Prediction Robot

The number of people suffering from heart ailments are increasing with every passing day. What comes to the rescue is designing a heart disease prediction bot that provides online medical consultation and guidance to patients suffering from heart diseases.


House Price Prediction

Under this data science invention, you will be able to predict the selling price of a new home. The dataset of this project would contain the prices of houses in different areas of the country/city. 


Prediction of Stock Prices

No wonder everyone is keen to know how the market would perform. If you want to design a project that predicts the stock prices, there cannot be a better technology to rely on than data science. This data science project stands the potential to monitor and analyse the company performance followed by predicting future prices of various stocks.


Movie Ticket Pricing System

These days, tough competition from OTT platforms (Netflix, Amazon prime, etc.) and costly tickets has made it difficult for films to make money even harder. In such a scenario, coming up with an advanced ticket pricing system that can calculate the movie ticket pricing depending on the interest of the viewers, social signals and other supply-demand factors can never go wrong.


Personality Predictor

Yet another challenging yet interesting data science project that make it to the list of top 10 data science inventions that left people in awe in 2022 is that of a personality predictor on the basis of the CV uploaded. With an objective to provide a legally justified and fair CV ranking system, this project stands the potential to make the hiring process a lot more manageable.


Sentiment Analyser

As evident as the name of the project, the objective of this data science invention is to analyse the sentiments of the people behind texts, or a post. With this, the organizations are at a much better position to understand consumer behaviour. Following this, the organizations can take steps to improve their customer service.


Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism checker has to be one of the most interesting projects. The invention is such that it can detect the similarities in copies of text and detect the percentage of plagiarism. This would be a widely accepted project as plagiarism is a serious issue that needs to be controlled and monitored.



As known to many, chatbots are one among the most relied platforms for enhancing customer experience. Creating a chatbot has a lot to do with artificial intelligence. This is because data science forms its base. You can always start by creating a simple chatbot and customize it the way you want by creating a detailed version of the same.


Recommendation Engines

Recommendation engines have gained huge popularity in streaming sites as well as shopping websites as the main agenda of the same is to tailor the content as per the needs and preferences of different customers. This project customize content on the basis of individual customer preferences and browsing history.


Banking Bot

Similar to a chatbot, a banking bot is designed exclusively for banks where users can ask for bank-related questions like loans, credit cards, deposits, etc. This project uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyse user queries to further understand their message and accordingly take the necessary action.

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