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Shopify NFT Merchants Can Now Use the Tokengating Features

  • Shopify has introduced a set of tools for blockchain commerce.
  • Sign-in with Ethereum (SIWE) protocol integration made by shopify.

A set of blockchain commerce tools launched by crypto-friendly e-commerce giant Shopify . This aim to enhance the user experience of their Web3-focused stores hosted by the platform. Improved crypto wallet connect abilities and tokengating application programming interface (API) tools have received special attention. Previously only available to a restricted group of merchants. The latter has been in early access beta access mode since June 2022.

Tokengating allows Shopify merchants to govern which token holders have access to exclusive products, non-fungible token (NFT) drops, and benefits. Shopify has integrated the sign-in with Ethereum (SIWE) protocol, which is run by the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). And the Ethereum Foundation, to support more crypto wallets.

Shopify blockchain team designer stated:

 we’ve launched some fresh tools to help you build tokengating apps for Shopify merchants.

Shopify is one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms, with millions of merchants worldwide. Avalanche announced last month that they are partnering with Shopify to allow users to create and post NFTs at a lower cost than Ethereum. 



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