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Top 10 Data Migration Tools You Should Know in 2023 – Crypto News Flash


The top 10 data migration tools are used for storage migration and database migration

Data migration includes moving data from on-premises storage to a cloud storage solution or moving data to a new storage device to replace an outdated system. Additionally, users can replace the hardware for an application database. Data migration tools are used to complete the data migration tasks. There are many good tools for data migration in 2023.

Here are the top 10 data migration tools you should know in 2023:

1. AWS data migration:

The data migration tool developed Amazon is AWS data migration. AWS data migration is One of the Top 10 data migration tools used for the cloud data migration. Migrations within the same platform or one platform to another are supported by AWS data migration. For any continuous data migrations, AWS data migration can be used.

2. Azure document DB:

Azure Document DB is best data migration tools you should know in 2023.  Azure Document DB is developed by Microsoft. Users can migrate the data to Document DB by using Azure document DB.  CSV files, SQL files, Mongo DB, HBase, Amazon Dynamo DB, and many data sources are supported by Azure Document DB. It is also compatible with .NET frameworks and operating systems.

3. Dell EMC:

The Dell company developed the data migration tool known as Dell EMC. Dell EMC is the tool used for repetitive data migration tasks. Tasks like file archiving, customer support, and intelligent data mobility can be done using Dell EMC. The Dell EMC tool is affordable, simple, and permits fast data transfer.

4. Hevo data:

Hevo data can be migrate in the form of ETL (extract, transform, load), ELT (extract, load, transform), and reverse ETL (extract, transform, load). It is a bi-directional data pipeline and a no-code platform.

5. Fivetran:

A data migration tool was developed for managing the ELT (Extract, load, and transform). Post-load transformations, support through an in-app form, and connectors for various data sources are supported by Fivertran. It also supports the data warehouse destination. Users can use the platform according to their credits.

6. Matilion :

Matilion is also a data migration tool that is used for cloud data migration.Migrating, transforming, and extracting data are the tasks that can be done by using the matilion. Matilion supports post-load transformations via transformation components.This transformation can be done by writing a piece of SQL code. Matilion can be combined with 60 data sources.

7. Stitch data:

Without any code, data migration can be performed by using the stitch data. From one point to another, point data can be migration and stitch data is a cloud-based platform. Stitch Data only performs the transformations necessary to be compatible with the destination. Stitch data can be united with various data sources.

8. io:

Intergrate.io is also a cloud-based platform. Using interface.io, the user can create a data pipeline. It allows the user to migrate easily into the cloud. It also supports the connection to legacy systems. Teradata, DB2, SQL, SFTP, and Oracle are the services supported by Integrate.io.

9. IBM Informix:

IBM developed the data migration tool known as Informix. Informix is the tool used for data migration tasks from one IBM database to another IBM database. This migration tool only supports data transfer within the platform. Data migration between servers is supported by Informix. To migrate the data from the external source, the user needs to use external tools.

10. IRI’s next form:

The data migration tool available in multiple editions is IRI Next. The IRI Next Form can be used to manage legacy data stores, data types, database schema, endianness, and file formats. RI’s next form can integrate nearly two hundred data sources.

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