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Continuous Scrolling on the Desktop! Google Introduces a New Feature – Crypto News Flash


Google introduces a new feature for its desktop users so users don’t have to navigate across pages

Google introduces a new feature on the desktop so that users do not have to traverse across pages to discover relevant search results for English-language queries in the United States, adding a service that Google has been offering on mobile for some time.

It is important to note that users should not confuse the continuous scrolling feature with endless scrolling. Users can see up to six pages of search results using Google’s continuous scrolling on the desktop by scrolling down before seeing the “More” option to browse for more results with continuous scrolling. Google’s continuous scrolling is limited on mobile to four pages of search results at a time. Google’s search results have historically been “paged.” Until now, visitors who scrolled down the search result page and wanted to view additional results had to click on the page number at the bottom.

The new feature may also provide sites that did not rank high enough to be on the first-page additional visibility. People fear going to the second page of Google search results, and only a few brave individuals go to the pages beyond that — ergo the joke: the ideal spot to conceal something criminally dangerous is on page 2 of Google search results.

The adjustment comes at a time when many users are complaining that the quality of Google search results is deteriorating. In response, Google has implemented several adjustments, including making search results more visually appealing. In September, it also launched a feature that included Reddit and Quora results in a section called “Discussions and forums.”

While many features are designed with smartphones in mind, Google is also aiming to improve desktop search. The business has been experimenting with widget-styled cards on the home screen to provide customers with quick access to information such as weather and market prices.

Most social networking platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, provide continual scrolling in their feeds to keep consumers engaged with their services.

Google has already experimented with how many results to display on a page at once. When Google asked searchers in 2008 whether they would prefer more or fewer results on the page, they said more. However, when given more search results, they searched 20% less. However, this could have been due to slow load times back in the day.

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