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Ethical hacking has become a highly-sought after career route for emerging tech aspirants. Basically, ethical hackers are responsible for testing and legally hacking systems to ensure that business leaders and organizations are safe and that there are no data breaches that will end up jeopardizing the information about the customers or the employees. The role of ethical hackers enables countless businesses and individuals to improve their security posture and minimize the potential attack risk for organizations. But there are several analysts who believe that becoming a self-taught ethical hacker in 2023 might not be worth it. It might not be easy to start as a self-taught cybersecurity professional in this evolving domain might not be easy to prevail here in this domain due to the ongoing economic and financial downturns and constant layoffs in the tech industry. Based on experts, here are the top reasons not to become a self-taught ethical hacker in 2023.


Increased legal risks

Ethical hackers are at constant risk of failing to perform properly. Since 2021, the evolving tech domain has been posing several legal challenges for them as the number of threats and frauds continues to rise. To address these issues, it is imperative that ethical hackers always perform their job defensively to minimize compromising the client’s system or network.


Ethical hackers Might Unintentionally Disclose Company Secrets

One of the major disadvantages of ethical hacking is that it presents an increased form of information disclosure. However, as an outsider, the ethical hacker could intentionally or unintentionally disclose the company’s confidential information to other parties. Their knowledge helps improve organizational efforts to strengthen security measures, but inexperienced candidates can also expose the company to unknown threats. At this current point in time, tech companies cannot afford to face jeopardy from their employees.


Companies Might Not Hire Ethical Hackers Seeking Lucrative Packages

Currently, tech companies are under immense pressure to reserve their revenues for greater and more important purposes. Hence, hiring ethical hackers who are seeking lucrative packages might not be on their priority list. Ethical hackers who incur high charges might not get placed in their dream company and then get paid insufficiently.


Organizations Might Not Compromise their Privacy in 2023

Ethical hacking is a big phenomenon, yet it still is hacking. Ethical hacking, just like any other hacking will compromise a massive amount of data, and if the ethical hackers are not trustworthy enough then it might become a huge trouble for the leaders who might end up losing crucial data to others. This mistrust might not even allow leaders to hire ethical hackers in the first place!


Ethical Hacking has Limited Scope

Ethical hackers generally cannot progress beyond a defined scope. A hacker has to constantly learn new tactics that attackers might use on the companies and build upon them. However, since the entire process will be undergone based on company protocols, the hackers will only have a limited scope to make an attack.


Limited Resources

Sometimes, ethical hackers are not provided with appropriate resources to tackle a situation. Besides, malicious practitioners do not have time constraints like ethical hackers, which is when they will need the full support of the company’s resources and get back the stolen data, information, or website from the hackers.


Restricted Methods Might Yield Low Results

Certain companies ask experts to avoid test cases that lead the servers to crash. Hence, business leaders have to look for more advanced tools and techniques that will help them in understanding how to tackle problems efficiently and safely, and aid the employees in the process.

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