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Top 10 Coding Jobs to Make a Successful Career in UK and USA – Crypto News Flash


As the demand for coding is increasing with every passing day, what doesn’t seem to be a surprise anymore is the constant search for experienced and good-quality coders across the globe. As there are numerous jobs that require coding skills, you would never run out of options pertaining to making a career in coding. On that note, let us have a look at the top 10 coding jobs to make a successful career in UK and USA.


Software Engineer

This is probably one of the most sought-after career opportunities in coding. As a software engineer, you would be required to build software applications such as computer games, web or mobile applications, and network control systems. Specializing in systems development, application development, and quality assurance testing within this field will always be an advantage. Good command of Python, Java, and C++ is all you need.


Data scientist

There’s hardly any industry that doesn’t rely on data science. Hence, the demand for data scientists is in demand across a range of industries. This field requires you to use programming languages to identify patterns and trends in data, build algorithms and models, and visualize data to communicate your findings better. The coding languages required are SQL, Python, and R.


Cybersecurity analyst

As a cybersecurity analyst, your job is to protect your company’s networks from unauthorized access and respond to security breaches when they do happen. With the rise in cybercrimes, the demand for cybersecurity analysts is high. JavaScript, Python, C, and C++ will help you excel as a cybersecurity analyst.


Machine learning engineer

With command over Python, R, Java, and C++, you can become a successful machine learning engineer. As a machine learning engineer, you would be working on designing, coding, and improving artificial intelligence algorithms. This segment is one of the highest-paid programming jobs because it is a highly technical and specialized position.


Product manager

Programming Languages for Product Manager: Ruby, C#, Python, Java

Product managers in the tech industry don’t need to learn to code. However, product managers with knowledge of common programming languages tend to be more successful. Learning some simple aspects of programming makes it easier to manage and oversee the development of tech-based products.


Game developer

Who would deny that game development is an ever-growing industry? This is why the demand for game developers is extremely high. With sound coding knowledge pertaining to C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, and Python, you can land into one of the most promising careers.


Mobile App developer

Similar to game development, mobile application development has also gained wide recognition over a period of time. The industry has grown immensely and has given rise to rising demand for app developers. 


Software quality assurance engineer

As a software quality assurance engineer, your primary responsibility would be to oversee the entire software development process. In this coding career, professionals test and improve both the software itself and the process of development. You also have to ensure that the code is up to standard, that deadlines are met, and that the clients’ needs are being met. As far as coding is concerned, Python, C#, Java, C++ should be good to get started.


User experience (UX) designer

Yet another interesting coding job that is highly in demand in UK and US is that of a UX designer. The job profile is such that you have to ensure that digital products are usable, accessible, and enjoyable by designing with the end user in mind. Best coding languages in this regard would be HTML, CSS, JavaScript.


IT technician

IT technicians are also high in demand. IT technicians write code to automate solutions to common IT problems and administrative tasks. Python is probably the best coding language to help you land a job as an IT technician.

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