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Top 10 Blockchain Courses to Land a Six-Figure Job in 2023 – Crypto News Flash


As the demand for blockchain professionals is only going to soar, why not start with a good blockchain course?

Blockchain technologies will very soon become one of the essential skills a tech expert should posess. Businesses would invariably depend on blockchain technologies to build businesses. Or, Blockchain applications could simply run in the background without anyone in need to understand their technical infrastructure. The World Economic Forum estimates that 18% of the world’s Growth Domestic Product or GDP will run on blockchain by 2025 impacting almost every sector of the economy. Thus, the demand for blockchain professionals is only going to soar in the coming years, and therefore starting off with joining a blockchain course would be a smart decision. Check these top 10 blockchain courses to earn a 6 figure salary.


1. Become a Blockchain Developer – Udacity Nanodegree

This program offered by Udacity teaches fundamentals of blockchain and methods and guides to create decentralized apps(dApps). You will get to learn to interact and develop smart contracts using Solidity and explore Ethereum platform.

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2. Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application – MIT Sloan

Want to learn applications of blockchain technology in business? This course is perfect for you. It teaches how a nblockchain works in an economic setting, so best suited for managers and business developers.

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3. Blockchain Specialization – Coursera

This specialization contains 4 blockchain courses that start with an explanation of concepts of blockchain and the Ethereum platform. This aims to lay the foundation necessary to build decentralized applications and essential programming.

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4. Certified Blockchain Architect – Blockchain Council

      A course provided by Blockchain Council is meant for blockchain enthusiasts who want to learn developing blockchain based products for corporations and enterprises. By the time you complete this course you will be able to meet challenges all the while adhering to non-functional requirements.

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5. Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA)

This advance level course is meant for those who already have a good grasp of blockchain concepts. Applicants will learn about the use cases of blockchain technology and choosing the right blockchain technology for the customers.  It will help learners accumulate the kind of skillset needed to cater to large VARs, vendors, and integrators.

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6. Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP)

It is a professional enterprise blockchain course that has been designed for those have basic knowledge of blockchain technology and its economical ecosystem. Through this course you will get to learn various transformational tools that aid in transforming enterprise imperatives.

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7. Blockchain A-Z – Build Your First Blockchain – Udemy

This is a course meant to give students a good start in blockchain technologies. They will learn the key concepts apart from learning how to write line-by-line code. By the end of the course, students will understand the theory behind cryptocurrency, blockchain and learn building blockchains.

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8. Blockchain Fundamentals – Pluralsight

 One of the best courses for beginners, having modules designed for building blockchains with special focus on Ethereum. In 2.5 hrs straight, you can learn how to develop a smart contract, a simple app, work on DAPP development and create a private Blockchain.

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9. Certified Enterprise Blockchain Security Expert (CBSE)

It is a self paced blockchain course meant for learning about blockchain security threats. In this course the students will learn doing blockchain threat modeling and vulnerability assessments. The course also has modules on designing and developing secure blockchain systems and distributed applications.

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10. Blockchain Revolution, Specialization – Coursera

This path covers the history and future of blockchain rather than the technical aspects of the industry. Students will have a clear idea about blockchain technologies and the way transactions work. They learn how one can use Blockchain to make their business secure, protect their intellectual property, and also what it needs to build a vibrant blockchain ecosystem.

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