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Top 10 Web Developer Questions You May Expect in the Next Interview – Crypto News Flash

Web developer interview question

The top web developer interview questions help the interviewer determine which applicant fits the business need

Web developers are those who design, plan, create and maintain websites and their applications. Since businesses are turning to digital methods for selling products and services, they seek out web developers and designers with both technical and creative skills. An interviewer will assess both these skills and include them in the web developer interview question.

The creation of functional and elegant websites is in demand. With this demand comes a requirement for proficient Web Developers and increased competition in interviews and it becomes very important that candidates should look at the top web developer interview questions. Both technical and soft skills are needed which include understanding HTML,  design skills, communication, web design, analytical knowledge, etc. Developers’ main programming languages in web development are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. To test Web Developer knowledge, employers may ask questions about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Python, jQuery, and other programming languages, as well as questions about other web development tools and processes.

The top 10 Web developer interview questions are:

1. What is the job role of a Web Developer? What are the most important aspects of web development jobs and why?

Depending on the precise job description and whether a hiring manager is searching for front-end or back-end web developers, the role of a web developer will vary substantially. Their duties include Interacting directly with customers or other stakeholders in the business,  Web application design, programming, testing, and deployment of large-scale online projects with designers, other developers, UX experts, sales and marketing teams, etc

2. How are your coding skills? Please tell us which programming languages are you familiar with.

The hiring manager wants to make sure that you know a variety of programming languages and, more crucially, that candidate should be proficient in the coding language that the organization uses. It’s a good idea to let the recruiting manager know which particular programming languages the candidate has experience with.

3. What are the advantages of HTTP 2.0 over HTTP 1.1?

This technical query is designed to assess the candidate’s general knowledge, investigate familiarity with HTTP 2.0 and HTTP 1.1, and confirm that he/she possesses the communication abilities required of a good web developer. HTTP 2.0 delivers faster loading times, lower bandwidth usage, and improved search engine rankings.

4. As a Web Developer, what steps do you take to optimize your site’s loading time?

There are numerous methods for reducing page load time: Cleaning up the website code, Reducing the number of redirects, Caching, selecting smaller images or decreasing image size, getting rid of unnecessary widgets, lowering the number of lookups, etc.

5. What is your approach to keeping on top of web development industry news and trends?

Candidate must demonstrate to the interviewer that he/she is enthusiastic about the development sector and determined to keep up with the most recent trends. A diverse selection of particular web development blogs, vlogs, social media influencers, YouTube channels, and other resources should be offered.

6. Please explain JavaScript to me in a way that even someone with no coding experience could understand.

JavaScript is a programming language used for dynamic content. JavaScript is also required for creating mobile applications, browser-based games, and working on the back end of a website.

7. Explain HTML5 Web storage.

HTML5 has many great features, including Web Storage, also known as DOM storage. Web Storage allows web applications to store data locally in the browser. It is similar to cookies in terms of data storage, but web storage is faster and more convenient. Web Storage should never be used to keep sensitive information. It is not “more secure” than cookies.

8. Explain CORS and Write its Importance.

CORS is an acronym that stands for cross-origin resource sharing. It is essentially defined as a browser mechanism that allows web pages from one domain to have controlled access to resources from other domains. In other words, it enables browser client scripts to interact with and access resources from other origins. It adds to and expands the SOP’s flexibility (Same-Origin Policy).

9. Why are external style sheets preferred?

External style sheets offer numerous benefits to developers. Some of the advantages are as follows: Classes can be reused indefinitely, they enable style control of multiple documents from a single file, and Styles can be easily applied using selectors and grouping.

10. What are some of the Web Development technologies that you know?

This is a common question in a Web Development interview. The answer is based on your knowledge, experience, and expertise in this field. A good Web Developer, on the other hand, will have an extensive working knowledge of any of the following technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Python, and PHP.

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