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Unification Recent Update Explains What’s Delaying Shiba Inu’s Shibarium Launch – Crypto News

Unification has shared a new update about Shibarium. 

The Unification Foundation, the developers of Shiba Inu’s upcoming layer-2 network, has shared a new update about Shibarium explaining why the team has not deployed the public beta network. 

In a Medium blog post today, Unification said it had been focused on developing its Oracle of Oracles (OoO) solution over the past few months and preparing it for use on Shibarium. 

Unification noted that its team has been optimizing the go-ooo application and testing the software on the private Shibarium alpha network. Notably, go-ooo is an application that receives OoO data requests sent to the router smart contract. It sources data and sends it back to the requesting contract. 

According to Unification, the previous versions of go-ooo only sourced data from Finchain’s API. The application was upgraded last year to allow AdHoc price requests from decentralized exchanges and to also meet the needs of Shiba Inu’s upcoming layer-2 network, Unification said. 

“We have also been testing OoO on the Shibarium alpha network. The Router smart contract has been successfully deployed, along with a test OoO provider and several smart contracts used for testing price data requests,” Unification added.

Per Unification, the testing exercise has gone well, with the Oracle of Oracles provider successfully fulfilling data requests on Shibarium using bridged Test xFund for OoO fees on L2. 

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Shibarium Beta Launch Is Close 

Unification also urged the community to continue to exercise patience with the development team while assuring SHIB enthusiasts that the official launch date for Shibarium Beta is fast approaching. 

“[…] Although the public beta network is yet to be deployed, that day is rapidly moving ever closer,” it added. 

Shibarium is among the anticipated projects within the Shiba Inu community. The L2 network is expected to boost Shiba Inu’s utility and foster its widespread adoption in different crypto sectors, including gaming, payments, and metaverse. 

However, the project’s developers have yet to disclose the exact date when the beta version of the L2 network will go live. Instead of announcing the date, Shiba Inu team members have continued to share cryptic messages, leaving the community to guess when Shibarium Beta will launch. 

Last month, Shiba Inu enthusiasts speculated that Shibarium Beta would roll out on February 14 (Valentine’s Day). The speculation was backed by a cryptic post by lead developer Shytoshi Kusama, who said Shibarium is put in a “heart-shaped box with a bow.” 

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