Best Ways to Earn Bitcoin Online in 2021

Best Ways to Earn Bitcoin Online in 2021 

Best ways to earn Bitcoins

Ways to Earn Bitcoin Online

When Bitcoin was released for open market in 2009, a very few people knew about bitcoins and almost no merchant accepted it, but as the years passed Bitcoin eventually gained a lot of consumer base and was started being accepted by a large number of merchants and companies.Lets have a look at ways by which you can earn bitcoins online. 

1. Bitcoin Mining – How can you Mine your own bitcoins

Mining your Bitcoins was the very first ways available to people to earn bitcoins. Bitcoin Mining is a process of solving computional problems and in reward few lucky ones managed to get 50 BTC per block mined at almost every 10 mins earlier when Bitcoin mining started in 2009 , Now mining every block rewards 25 BTC untill mid 2016,After that time period every blow will reward 12.5 BTC.While now 25 BTC reward is very attracting but people do not prefer mining due to a list of problems in bitcoin mining :

  • Earlier in 2009 , CPU could be used for Mining, soon the dificulty of computational problems surpassed CPU’s computational ability.As the difiulty increased people switch to GPUs, then Custom miners and now ASIC miners , which is a big investment in hardware.
  • People are forced to mine together in pools or cloud mining and share profits as single node bitcoin mining is not profitable anymore.
  • Even with combined efforts , the cost of electricity bills and miscellaneous expenses outweigh the profits earned from mining.

These issues with mining force many people not to join bitcoin mining and others to quit as the result is not profitable.That leads us to other ways of earning bitcoins

2.Gambling – Playing casino games and gamble bitcoins

It might seem like a simple way to earn bitcoins but gambling has a high number of risks which should be taken in account before entering in gambling.There are a list of websites on which you can try out your luck. You can not guarantee winning, so it is always recommended not to risk more that you are ready to loose.

Earn Bitcoin Online

3.Bitcoin Trading –  Trading bitcoins online with Bitcoin price going high and low

Though the Bitcoin trading might seem lucrative and offers good profits for most part of day, but bitcoin trading is much like gambling without full understanding and insight on the factors that affect the bitcoin price or what could in near future.Though Bitcoin is a great investment opportunity but gambling on daily basis is full of risks and chances of earning is greater than loosing the investment.

4. We accept Bitcoins – Accept bitcoin as a merchant

Another easy way of earning bitcoins in start accepting bitcoins in lieu of fiat currency also called as paper currency and trade goods for bitcoin.Today a number of payment providers help you accept Bitcoins for you online store.

5. Complete tasks for Bitcoins – Work and earn bitcoins

There are lot of sites that pay you in bitcoins for completing tasks.

These websites offer multiple opportunities to work for crypto currency.

Today many freelancing companies as freelancer also payout in bitcoins.

Websites like , offer jobs for bitcoins.

6.Bitcoin Faucets – Easy way to make free bitcoins

Bitcoin faucets give you small amount of cryptocurrency in fixed timespans.On many websites you can earn upto 0.0001 BTC, every 5-10 minutes.Such small amount of bitcoins is also referred as bitcoin dust.Bitcoin dust can be earned for spending time on numerous websites and gaming sites.But few satoshis are not enough to satisfy owning bitcoins.

7. Bitcoin Mining with a Twist – A Multi level Marketing approach

Bitcoin and Multi level marketing are two successful business on their own, but when combined together as as the growing Business market of most accepted cryptocurrency Bitcoin and network strength of Network marketing creates an opportuninty that increases the acceptability of bitcoins, spreading it around and making bitcoin community stronger.

How does this works is a renowned Bitcoin Cloud mining provider with actively running bitcoin mining contracts. offers you to mine Bitcoins using Cloud service without worrying about electricity bills or expenses during mining process 24×7.

Bitcoin mining contract are available in two Server Hashrates –

  • 400 GH/s  1 BTC Contract for 1.5 year – 0.1BTC assured payout monthly (ROI + Referral)
  • 40 GH/s  – 0.1 BTC Contract for 1.5 year – 0.01BTC assured payout monthly(ROI only)

Now talking about Multi level marketing.

  1.  Now on every Direct Referral miner you make you get 0.05 BTC
  • For example you get 2 direct referral miners you get 2*0.05 = 0.1 BTC

   2.  Suppose you have 10 miners in your left            leg and 15 miners in your right leg.

  • thats 10 pairs,  You will get 10*0.08 BTC = 0.8 BTC

The Bitcoins are rewarded  for adding a new bitcoin miner and adding 400GH/s mining power to overall system.

As more and more Miners join the network, you earn more profit and so the Bitcoin network grows.

This is how wonderfully Bitcoin Multi Level Marketing works. Join Now and Become a Gainbitcoin Miner.

Join Now and Become a Gainbitcoin Miner with 1 bitcoin and start earning.

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